Terms of Service

  1. Submitting university application through SwizzEducation does not constitute a contract.

  2. SwizzEducation acts as an education consultant and provide information on program and colleges on the basis of best effort. And may discretionarily assist in submitting application for programs / college.

  3. Submitting university application through SwizzEducation does not assure / guarantee admission to any program in any of the colleges selected by you.

  4. SwizzEducation will not be responsible and / or liable for denial of admission by college on account of any reason.

  5. Delay or no response by college for the application submitted is out of purview of SwizzEducation.

  6. SwizzEducation liabilities and responsibilities ceases once the student joins the college.

  7. SwizzEducation is not responsible for discontinuation of any Program / Department / Faculty by college, on or after admission.

  8. Closure of college due to bankruptcy, Natural calamity, Economic Downfall or any other reason on or after admission is beyond the control of SwizzEducation.

  9. College may introduce new / additional mode of study(s) and / or language of instruction on or after admission with or without notice at its own discretion.

  10. College may change fees on or after admission, with or without notice. Such changes are on you. SwizzEducation will not be liable (financially or otherwise) for such changes.

  11. SwizzEducation in not responsible for any change in Affiliations / Degree Awarding Bodies / Association Partners of the Overseas Institution on or after admission, with or without notice.

  12. You should submit all the necessary documents in prescribed format as required for the chosen college. Any delay or failure in doing so and the consequences of such delay or failure will be your sole responsibility.

  13. SwizzEducation will not be responsible and / or liable for denial of visa and / or denial of permission to enter the desired country by the consulate / embassy / immigration department on any ground.

  14. You should disclose information true to your knowledge. Denial / rejection of admission or cancellation of admission after confirmation by college due to suppression of facts / information or submission of wrong information are not the responsibilities of SwizzEducation. Penalties, fines or any other financial or non-financial implication arising due to such situation is your sole liability.

  15. College reserve the right to revoke admission issued to a student with or without notice. Any such situation is beyond control of SwizzEducation and cannot be held liable for the same.

  16. You hereby willingly authorize SwizzEducation to record your details and use them in future for promotional activities, electronically or otherwise.

  17. All information submitted by you might be shared with third party service provider for the purpose of offering their services.

  18. SwizzEducation reserves the right to use your information in future for the sole purpose of SwizzEducation and / or for any of its present or yet to be formed subsidiaries.

  19. Disputes if any, to be resolved in accordance to Indian law.

  20. All such disputes are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

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