Hospitality Training In Global Approach And Value Addition

June 21, 2018

Hospitality education in India has almost completed half century of its existence. But the growth in perspective to academic excellence is always lacking and still need to be activated to put in to fast mode. Globally, standards of post-graduate education are very high. Short-term objectives are not going to be helpful for the growth and development of the hospitality education. That is the reason for our dependence upon international schools like César Ritz College, (Swiss Hotel Management School) SHMS, Culinary Arts Academy, Hotel Institute Montreux, iHTTIHTMi (Hotel and Tourism Management Institute) etc for higher education.


We cannot do justice to hospitality education if quality curriculum and methodology at par with the global standard is not implemented at higher level of education. Emphasis on managerial education than focusing more on skill orientation is needed to change the trend in providing education and also in employment pattern. We need to work on developing education in global perspective with emphasis on managerial education in the areas of business development, tourism economics, managing finance, food and beverage management, hospitality sales and marketing, event and entrepreneurship management, etc.


Hotel management colleges have additional responsibilities towards addressing the challenges of unstructured varieties of the hospitality programmes. Curriculum should incorporate futuristic approach towards development of the curriculum. Hospitality having international flavour, one cannot neglect global scenario and standards, when providing education in hotel management courses.


Dynamic hospitality education in global perspective has to be provided as one has to compete at the level of the international standards at every corner of the globe. Preferred accredited and recognised programmes are needed to be introduced in the country with emphasis on providing cross cultural training. Academic mobility in the hospitality programme will help in integration of the curriculum and programme across the globe. Efforts of some of the institutions in this regard are praiseworthy, but implementation methodology needed to be more effective.


Customer centric education system will help in developing improved quality service. Emphasis on development of knowledge, improving of skills and attitude need to be prime focus during the training. This should be the objective and focus of the hotel management colleges across the country.


Hotel management colleges need to be flexible with approach of advancement and continuous focusing on value addition has to be the priority of curriculum. Vision of the regulatory authorities needed to be supportive towards taking hospitality education at par with global standards.


To improve excellence, institutions need to provide quality infrastructural facility, academic support, resources utilisation, entrepreneurship development opportunities, effective industry exposure and partnership with the industry to provide better training assistance. Industry- institute interface helps in getting instant feedback as well as identify the training need.


By escalating the role of the management graduate in various productive operations and management, their knowledge can be utilised so that they achieve job satisfaction and remain motivated. Training for professionalism, multiskilling and building team culture will help in productivity which needs to be evaluated at regular intervals. Also it will lead to effective utilisation of manpower thus reducing employee requirement per room.


More industry-institution interface should be included in the policy of corporate social responsibilities of organisations. Industry- institution interface helps to get instant feedback as well as the need for training. This will help in a big way in right selection and further in designing effective training.


Focus of education should be on education relevant to global job environment. More operational and managerial exposure comprising of the opportunities for showing leadership, teamwork, decision making and supervisory skills needed to be provided to the students.


Hospitality industry in India is having decent scope for growth. Tourism and hospitality industry has started showing promising signs with regards to growth momentum in the sector. This sector can become important segment to address challenges of unemployment up to positive extent. More stress need to be given towards developing infrastructure to produce trained manpower.


Focus should not be only on training manpower for the hospitality industry but to make this as one of the attractive and most preferred career option and profession, which it is. A serious and proactive effort into this direction is to be initiated by all concerned.


The Hospitality world has expanded beyond traditional notions. Careers within the industry include positions as top-class hoteliers, sales and marketing executives, event planners, concierge positions and human resources managers.


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