Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism: A Global Perspective

June 20, 2018

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism: a global perspective gives a new and definitive overview of the vital role and effective practice of entrepreneurship in one of the most dynamic industry sectors in the world. The highly qualified international team of contributors ensures a global perspective. 

Tourism and hospitality industry is a complex sector, a distinct field of activity, a component of economic and social life that offers multiple opportunities for small business development, but also capital intensive and highly competitive. In this context, its connection with entrepreneurship takes into account the economic development of tourist areas, aims to create new sustainable businesses by increasing the capacity and willingness of enterprises to develop, organize a business, to manage risk and profit.


Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives any successful industry or economy. In the rapidly evolving hospitality, tourism and leisure sector worldwide this is particularly true. This new text is designed to develop a greater understanding of the process and context for entrepreneurship as well as to provide key concepts which will enable the reader to become more entrepreneurial themselves.

The program in Entrepreneurship & Tourism enables participants to develop and focus on applying skills and theories that allow them to recognize and use market opportunities in- and outside organizations. Thus they are provided with the necessary base to be innovative and reach sustainable success.

The MA in Entrepreneurship for the Global Hospitality and Tourism Industry provides a contemporary curriculum to prepare the future hospitality managers who are entrepreneurially inclined to be ready to start up a new business. 


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