A Career in Hospitality: Your Role Of A Lifetime

June 26, 2018

Hospitality offers a dynamic stage where your performance can land you a 5 star career.

Vanessa Moret is the Head of Career Services for Swiss Education Group. It's been 8 years now for me in this industry with Swiss Education Group. 8 years of supporting young individuals to shine within hospitality higher education in their practical development and career milestones. In my current role, I have the chance to work one-on-one with rising hospitality professionals and future legends in hotel leadership. So what makes this industry so perfect for the friendly and sociable extrovert? 


Our 3 top reasons are below.

  1. Your love of people is considered a professional asset
    Its hard to fake a genuine smile! Every single day in the hospitality industry you will meet and interact with different kinds of people and you absolutely need to have a passion for them and their desires. Good listening skills, a friendly disposition and a flair for detail will get you far in this industry.

  2. Each day offers up an opportunity for a fresh new you
    A career in hospitality means you will get the chance to reinvent yourself on a daily basis. Adapting to new challenges and situations comes with the job in this dynamic and rapidly changing industry. Your ability to switch hats from one minute to the next will not only ensure you never get bored but will be deeply appreciated by your employer.

  3. Your performance means creating an unforgettable experience for others
    Each day in hospitality presents an opportunity to help create wonderful memories for your guests or clients. No one forgets their favourite vacation or wedding day. Now imagine playing a central part in the conception of that experience! Dream job!


Learn, live & love hospitality and discover campus life! Ideal for anyone considering studying hospitality and not sure exactly what it involves, spend two weeks with us learning the basics and experiencing campus life. Discover more about our Introduction to the Swiss Hospitality Club 2-week course below.










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