Career Switch: From Finance To Hospitality

June 30, 2018

After working in finance for several years, Karen chose to make a career switch to pursue hospitality.


Karen Nicole Hernandez Rodriguez is pursuing a Master of International Business in Hotel Management at SHMS. After 6 months of studies, Karen put her new skills into practice as the elected Banquet Manager for a diplomatic banquet in honour of the Embassy of Dominican Republic (her home country).


We followed her 6-month journey from first impressions of the school, personalised career counseling to the final result of the banquet.

After only 6 months in the classroom, Karen has received internship offers from The Dorchester in London, Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Stockholm and Hotel de Coudreceau in central France.

Watch her journey below.


When describing SHMS, Karen shared:


About Swiss Hotel Management School

Swiss Hotel Management School offers Bachelor and Master programmes based on two beautiful campuses housed in former traditional palace hotels. Learn to live hospitality up in the French Alps at this Apple Distinguished School, seamlessly blending 21st century learning for an exceptional student experience into traditional surroundings.  Know More Here 

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