Lucerne - The Summer Paradise For Career Discovery

May 12, 2018


You may think Switzerland is all about winter holidays – swishing down slopes and drinking hot chocolate. But it’s also a summer paradise with the power to transform your career – thanks to outstanding programs in hospitality and culinary arts. Set in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, Lucerne is already attracts English speaking crowd looking to improve their German skills in this idyllic town of 85,000 people.


Indeed, Lucerne’s location and community make it an ideal destination for students of all kinds. And at the heart of if all is the Swiss Education Group, which has not one, but two schools in the heart of the city.


With two magnificent campus, César Ritz Colleges housed in former hotel & Culinary Arts Academy ,Swiss Education Group  bring the best of both worlds together, offering the finest in hospitality and culinary training.


Choosing to study in the region offers up an idyllic learning environment combined with an excellent social life for hospitality students. Lake Lucerne offers up plenty of activities to stay active, from paddle boating to water skiing, while the city itself offers plenty of shops and al fresco dining or lounging in the sunshine after class.

César Ritz Colleges


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As a major tourist destination, Lucerne is the perfect place for anyone looking to boost their career in hospitality as it offers a real-life experience for how to meet tourists’ needs. Perhaps nothing better exemplifies Lucerne’s hospitality culture than the famed Villa Honegg. Located a mere 30 minutes from Swiss Education Group’s campus, this beautiful, 5-star boutique hotel offers spectacular views over the mountains from its heated outdoor pool. It’s a truly unforgettable experience for its pampered guests.


While both schools offer four starting dates each year, why not opt to start your studies in July so you can enjoy the splendors of summertime in Lucerne while you receive a top-notch education in hospitality.


Another benefit of summer enrolment is more preparation time for Swiss Education Group’s bi-annual International Recruitment Forum, held in Montreux each March and October. The event offers unfettered access to industry leaders from all over the world – so having more time to prepare can really pay off.


So why not take the first step toward a rewarding career in hospitality and culinary arts? Enroll in one of Swiss Education Group’s programs in Lucerne.


Culinary Arts Academy



So why not take the first step toward a rewarding career in hospitality and culinary arts?

Enrol in one of Swiss Education Group’s programmes in Lucerne.


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After all, Swiss hospitality graduates are in demand – and summer in Lucerne is hard to beat.


For more information about Swiss Education India, check out our website. There, you can find out more about each individual school as well as the academic and career counselling services Swiss Education India has to offer.




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