In Demand Careers in Food and Nutrition

May 22, 2018

If you’re passionate about nutrition and get the drive to help others live healthier lives, you can make a great career out of this. 

Major companies are realizing the importance of proper nutrition among their employees, and more and more corporations are hiring nutritionist, wellness coaches and health promoters to help inculcate healthy lifestyles. Large food companies also rely on nutritionist to develop healthy recipes and educate consumers about their products.


Corporate nutritionists

Corporate nutritionists and health coaches are employed by companies all around the world to spread wellness to consumers and employees alike. Kaiser Permanente, for example, provides its 175,000+ employees with healthy recipes and offers more than 50 in-house farmer’s markets across its facilities. Whole Food Market offers free, week-long Total Health Immersion programs to its employees. The highest annual wage for the of dietitians and nutritionists in the United States is about $80,000.


Food and Nutrition Management 

  • Hospitals, long-term care, businesses, schools

  • Work with chefs or at spas

  • Consult regarding healthy choices on menu

Consultant / Private Practice 

  • Private practice consultation to hospitals and long-term care facilities on hourly or "job" basis

  • Client counseling for weight management, eating disorders, sports nutrition, diabetes management, etc. from either physician referrals and/or advertisements

  • Write cookbooks, educational programs, or articles for local newspapers or specialty magazines

  • Food photography

  • Consult at health clubs / spas as a personal trainer-nutritionist

Food and Nutrition Management - Become a leader in the foodservice industry


This three years Dual Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland will build on your culinary/hospitality skills, and give you the knowledge and real-life experience you’ll need to succeed in the lucrative healthcare food services sector.






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