Luxury Amenities in the Hospitality Industry

November 16, 2017

Remember those signs? Gone are the days when hotels were just transient accommodations, a temporary roof over one’s head, and a mere sleeping quarter after a long day of traveling. Today, travelers are more discerning and they want more than just a bed. They want modern conveniences that would make their stay an experience in itself. Today's guests want to "check-in" on Facebook and tell their friends about it.


This is why over the years, the quality of amenities found in hotels have become more sophisticated, raising the bar in terms of hotel convenience and constantly redefining what a great hotel experience is. There are understated amenities and there are outrageous ones, but there will always be those top sought after amenities that all travelers will look for.


You need to offer the room amenities that matter most to travellers, and they need to be top quality. In fact, per PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series Report on hotel brand loyalty, “Both business and leisure travellers say room quality is the #1 reason for choosing a hotel.”


The expression of luxury has transformed throughout the interior design industry. In the hospitality sector, what once was gaudy and glitzy is now modern, streamlined and sleek. This new wave of luxury has taken center stage in both in-room and amenity spaces.

As the target market shifts to the millennial consumer, luxury is not just a visual feature, but also an experience. Through inviting features, amenity offerings and superior technology, hospitality takes luxury to an elevated level.


Breathable Linen and Plush Pillows
Guests aren't interested in tacky comforters and old, worn linens and pillows, no matter how many times housekeeping launders, fluffs and folds them. Dated patterns and polyester sheets make up the standard, but guests want plump pillows, down comforters and soft white or pastel sheets for quality sleep.

Guests can tell when their linens are made of natural fibers. Opt for 1000-thread-count sheets made of cotton and soothing down-filled duvets in earth tones.


Over sized, Soft Bath Towels
Towels should fully cover all guests. Whether you're on a leisure or business trip, a too-small towel is embarrassing. Most hotels provide rough, small towels that anyone could pick up for home.

Guests want oversized bath towels that are soft and useful for various purposes. Some women still prefer to use a hand towel to remove their makeup, or wipes may be provided. Large towels feel the most luxurious, and guests are more likely to hang these up than leave them around the room.


pH-balanced, Full Size Toiletries
Tiny soaps dry out faster, and squeezing and chasing small bottles of shampoo and conditioner around the bath stall isn't fun for guests, who want high-quality, full-size toiletries.

Hotels can go the extra mile by offering tangle-free and green, natural products that don't contain sulfates for eco-conscious guests. Every hair and skin type is different.


Complimentary Refreshments
Guests are most likely to contest their room service bills when paying, and guests don't want to feel like penny pinchers. When guests first arrive or are returning after sight-seeing, they feel parched and need refreshments, and complimentary refreshments make guests feel cared for.

Small samplings of snacks and bottles of water are standard, with mini bottles of alcohol the price of full-size bottles. Guests want water and quality tea and coffee. Is there any harm in including juices? Hotels should also pay attention to specific guests' dietary needs.


Gym or Fitness Center

As more people are becoming more conscious about their health and physique, it’s important that they can go on with their regular fitness regime while traveling. Always underscore the presence of a gym or fitness facility in your property and it would be easy for you to capture this market segment. If you have other exercise options other than a traditional gym such as a hiking trail or aqua fitness amenities, frontload these as well.


Free High Speed Wireless Internet Connection

In this day and age when everyone needs to be connected all the time, offering free Wi-Fi for your guests is no longer a luxury – it’s already a necessity. For business travelers, they need this to constantly check their work email. For others, they need to constantly update their friends via social networks. Free Wi-Fi can be a deal breaker or deal maker for your hotel. Today, many hotel brands are going towards a tiered-data model, where they offer a free low bandwidth option and a broadband/higher data plan with a small charge.


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