Indians top users of digital travel assets globally

November 11, 2017

Travelport, the leading Travel Commerce Platform, today published the results of a Global Traveler Survey of 11,000 travelers in nineteen countries that highlights the use of digital tools when planning, booking and experiencing a journey. It shows that Indian travelers are the most digitally-advanced of the 19 countries analyzed, outpacing many of the world’s leading travel markets.

The survey has revealed that 91% of Indian travelers used review sites to help travel research, 85% use price comparison sites, and 67% use voice search, which is good 20% more than the global average usage. The findings of the survey cut across consumer engagement with different components of travel including airlines, hotels, destinations, etc. While booking a trip, 51% of Indian travelers use smart phones to fulfill their bookings, 74% of Indian travelers consider digital experience important while choosing an airline, and 82% of Indian travelers prefer digital booking passes.  


As far as hotels are concerned, 66% of the Indian consumers consider digital experience key influencer in selecting a hotel, 69% avoid hotels that charge for WiFi, and 60% prefer mobile check-ins instead of conventional reception oriented check-ins. While at destinations, 83% of Indians want to be connected with friends and families, and they use 19 different categories of apps, which is higher than any other nationality.


Asia Pacific (APAC) travellers are top of the global league of digital travellers as per the survey. APAC travellers use even more apps than are used globally. China topped the charts for app use with an average of nearly 20 categories used for each trip compared to 19 by Indian travellers.


Commenting on the survey,President & MD, – EMEA, Travelport, said, that the company does commission surveys regularly, but this is the first one on the digital trends of the modern traveler. He said that the results of the survey was on expected lines considering fast growing penetration of smart phone users  in India and a growing aspirational middle class population in the country. “They are highly technology savvy and are much more demanding compared to other travelers.”


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