Stunning Examples Of The "Art Of Plating"

October 26, 2017

The "Art of Plating" is a minimal exhibition technique for food. All of the ingredients on these plates are designed like modern art paintings. 


This movement is going crazy on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. 


"Art of Plating" all about balance and harmony – from flavors and textures to presentation. 

1. Simplicity is the first rule. 


   As you can see, all the things on this plate create a minimalist harmony.

 2. Second rule: Vivid colors. Creating a harmony between colors is really important.


     Contrast colors, red and green, are used on this plate.

 3. Edible flowers are a must.


     The art of plating uses edible flowers occasionally.

     Though these flowers are mainly for decoration, you can totally eat them if you want.

 4. Symmetry is essential.  Where there is symmetry, there is asymmetry.


     These plates are crafted goods. It probably takes around 20 mins to prepare one

     single plate.

 5. Creating dimensional compositions is also important.


     This is to add some movement to the plate.

 6. Another important feature is the main theme of the plate.


    Here, you can see a serving of calamari with ink sauce.

    This plate exhibits the elements of undersea.

Visualize the dish in your head before starting to plate. Frame the dish nicely to the plate that you are using. Think of the plate as a blank canvas. Play with the colors and textures of each element so that when you are done, the result is balanced and harmonious.


Now that your interest is piqued, learn the theory and techniques that form the foundation for these beautiful plates join CAA culinary art program and learn from texture and color to height and movement, expressing creativity through your culinary canvas. 


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