Role of Housekeeping Operations in Hospitality Industry

December 4, 2017

Housekeeping plays a major role in maintaining the standards of a hotel. Guest chooses a hotel and expects a clean, comfortable and relaxing surrounding. In addition to the tidiness and sanitary responsibilities; the department and the housekeeping supervisors are responsible for scheduling, planning and keeping a track of the inventory.

The role of housekeeping supervisors are scheduling jobs and tasks, assign tasks, supervise the work and determine the areas where work is to be done. In case of any complaints they make sure that they are taken care of and rectified. Managers and Executive Housekeeper are responsible for supervision, procurement, expense reporting and budgeting. They ensure that the standards of a hotel are maintained at all times and train new hires. They are also responsible for the safety and security standards.


Housekeeping may be defined as the provision of a clean, comfortable and safe environment, It’s is not confined to the housekeeping department as every member of staff in the establishment should be concerned with the provision of these facilities in their own department, eg. the chef ‘housekeepers’ in the kitchen, the restaurant manager or head waiter ‘housekeepers’ in the restaurant, and the general manager has overall responsibility.


In any establishment there are three department particularly concerned with accommodation:

  • The reception department, whose staff sell and allocate the rooms.

  • The housekeeping department, whose staff plan, provide and service the rooms.

  • The maintenance department, whose staff provide adequate hot and cold water, sanitation, heating, lighting and ventilation as well as maintaining and repairing individual articles and area within the rooms operation.

Housekeeping is a crucial part for the growth of a Hotel or Hospitality Business. Good standards ensure better sales and satisfied customers. Accommodation is the most important factor in generating the revenue of a hotel. The effort this department puts in has a direct impact on the guest’s experience in a hotel.


It is rightly said that housekeeping is a 24 x 7 x 365 operation. Imagine the stacks of linen needed to make up all the beds in a hotel, the miles if carpeting, floor, walls and ceiling to be cleaned and maintained, and cleaning compounds along with special tools and equipment needed in order to clean.


Other than hotels, professional housekeeping services are very much in demand in hospitals, on cruise liners, at offices and more. Since most such organizations prefer to outsource these functions, contract housekeeping is becoming a popular in these days.


To become a Supervisor a student will need a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in Housekeeping or Hotel Management with experience in the Housekeeping Operations. Knowledge of computer is a must for supervisors and managers. Institute training gives you the required skills and knowledge apart from the practical experience needed. The Swiss Hotel Management School in Switzerland offers Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Operations Management. The Swiss Hotel Management School has been training students in Housekeeping Operations and Management ensuring the industry requirements and standards are met.


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