How To Be One Step Ahead In The Hospitality Industry

June 14, 2018

StudyHospitality: At the HR in Hospitality Conference and Expo, industry leaders discussed where the industry is going and the power of foresight. Many topics were addressed, but the key takeaway was to resist complacency and utilize technology to "wow" your guests.

It's not enough to just be great at what you do anymore—you need to stay ahead of trends and find ways to innovate before guests realize what the future could look like. Be the one to show and excite them first. We've outlined a few ways to ensure your hospitality company is proactive and stays ahead of the curve.


Embrace Innovation

President and CEO of Leading Hotels of the World, kicked start of the conference by explaining how the hotel industry is still traditional and why leaders need to strive for innovation. According to Hospitality Expert, guest satisfaction scores are around 85%, which is commendable, but there is so much to be learned from that dissatisfied 15%. Dissatisfaction breeds innovation. Therefore, the hotels that stand out are the ones that inspire an innovative culture.

A prime example of a company that thinks outside the box is Marriott International, which became the world's largest hotel chain. Marriott has an "innovation lab" at its headquarters that constantly manufactures new ideas.


Make Technology Your Friend

Technology has the power to take companies to the next level. HR and IT departments regularly get stuck when adopting new technologies because people don't normally like change or have trouble adapting to new systems. the audience that hospitality industry is dealing are all "technologists" and use a variety of digital tools every day and these systems aren't as convoluted as we may think. Technology can be substantial time-savers, especially with tools like automation.


Personalize Employee Communication

Hospitality, highlighted the significance of personalizing employee communication. The staff is the backbone of any hotel and needs to constantly be informed. By leveraging HR technology platforms that allow easy integration with other programs, push content out to employees in small chunks, and reinforce brand identity, employees can get timely and on-brand updates.

Today's guests expect to communicate anywhere, anytime with ease and hospitality industry employees expect the same. Hotels that have implemented internal communication platforms where team members not only receive information faster, but also stay connected to every employee, have seen their teams fulfill requests quicker and anticipate problems before they happen.


Did you know that 1 in 11 jobs worldwide are in the hospitality industry? This ever-growing industry now accounts for 9% of worldwide GDP and 6% of the world’s exports. Perhaps the real question is, why not choose hospitality for your future ?


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The Hospitality world has expanded beyond traditional notions. Careers within the industry include positions as top-class hoteliers, sales and marketing executives, event planners, concierge positions and human resources managers.


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