Hospitality, Health And Wellbeing - What Is In It?

June 28, 2018

César Ritz offers specialization in wellbeing and hospitality, an overarching approach to improving health, happiness and contentment within hospitality and destination assets via forms of wellness, leisure, recreation, travel and healthcare.Wellbeing hospitality comprises an all-encompassing field that is being driven by expanding individual, community and corporate wellbeing market opportunities.


The benefits of attaining a greater sense of wellbeing are growing daily as society becomes more technically in-tuned with health consciousness and increasing longevity. Destinations, services and products serving the wellbeing industry will continue to grow and diversify.Travel and the new experiences it brings are more accessible than ever before, which is further driving higher demand for attractions and service provisions that meet a wide range of health and wellbeing needs within hospitality destinations.


Hospitality assets such as hotels, resorts, active living communities, and health and tourism destinations have now become prime facilitators for hosting and delivering wellbeing experiences in various forms and combinations.It is now unthinkable for any hospitality asset not to foresee and cater to its future guests’ wellbeing when planning and operating such businesses.


Astutely conceived and interconnected wellbeing attractions and services are vital to a holistic and unique hospitality experience.Those destinations that offer truly innovative wellbeing experiences will be the success stories of tomorrow and best positioned to be a more competitive and profitable future product.


Health and Wellbeing manager can play a vital role, not just in promoting the message about health and wellbeing not only at hospitality sector but also at other service sector work, but in delivering accessible and relevant support to employers across all sectors and of every size as they struggle to provide healthy working environments and good quality jobs within which employees can drive forward productivity and competitiveness.


Develop a rewarding career in hospitality - Master of Arts in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing


Discover an overview of the Master of Arts in Hospitality, Health and Wellbeing below. Contact us for our brochure with full course details or for any further information. Click Here 



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