Luxury Management – Is The Right Career Choice

November 14, 2017

Understanding how to market a luxury brand to attract a specific clientele is a major responsibility of a luxury manager. While all brands from low-to-high-end have management teams to market them to the buying public, luxury brands typically have more money to invest in employing state-of-the-art strategies and professional experts to oversee their implementation. In this regard, luxury managers have a higher degree of corporate involvement and must bring the right qualifications to the job in order to have successful careers.  


Job expectations for luxury management professionals

Luxury management has always been around, though specifically labelling it as a profession has only become popular in recent decades. To promote high-end merchandise like designer clothes, handbags, jewellery, furnishings, travel or cars, business owners have come to rely on professionals who can meet the expectations for the vision of their brand while promoting it effectively to a targeted customer base. Bloomberg Business reported in 2016 that luxury goods tend to do well in strong economies, though their growth can significantly slow compared to mainstream brands when the economy destabilises. Even so, jobs in the luxury management field remain strong according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career opportunities you can pursue after luxury goods management degree
A degree in luxury management will help you land several types of jobs in the industry, some of the most appealing ones are luxury goods brand manager, fashion brand/luxury goods product manager, retail buyer and fashion PR (public relations) specialist.

Hotel Institute Montreux offers a Master and Bachelor programs in Luxury Management with Hospitality Business Management


Completing a degree in luxury goods and fashion doesn’t limit your career options to the ones mentioned above. You have many other opportunities you can engage in such as visual merchandising manager, sales consultant, customer service representative for a fashion house or luxury brand. In most cases, your first job in the field won’t be a brand or a product manager; you will first have to experiment with lower level jobs before you actually get to the top management positions. However, if you persevere and prove you’re very good, you will get to the top of the fashion business and add a new spark in this ever-glowing and glamorous industry.

Luxury managers lead exciting careers filled with opportunities for travel and advancement within the fashion and luxury sectors. For those with the drive to succeed in the fast-paced world of international marketing, becoming a luxury manager may be the right ticket to ride.

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