A market to capture for Hotels - Micro Stay

May 17, 2017


StudyHospitality: Known by different names like day-stay, capsule stay, hourly stay, etc., Micro-stay is a concept which allows hotels to sell their inventory on an hourly basis based on the requirement of the guest, rather than on a fixed check in and checkout regimen. The concept is proved to be a win-win one for both travellers as well as hotels in developed geographies and fast catching up in India as well. 


Micro stay is a hotel marketing concept believed to have originated in Europe at the peak of the recession and gradually matured into a successful one for both travellers and hotel operators alike later on. There are occasions when travellers, mostly business travellers, reach a destination early in the morning for few scheduled meetings in the city later in the day with a late night flight to catch to fly back. For reasons obvious, they might not like to shell out money for a hotel room for the whole day, considering their requirement of a room is hardly for couple of hours.


The number of such travellers who use the facilities of an airport or a railway station to freshen up although hesitantly is quite large. This is a market segment which hotels can very well tap if there is a genuine will rather than keeping the inventory vacant in the expectation of a booking or for a guest who might check in later in the day.


In this fast evolving and highly competitive hospitality environment, concepts like micro-stays will help hotels to rake in more revenue as they can sell the rooms twice or thrice a day. Micro stays will attract more travellers and visitors to hotels as they will prefer spending their time in rooms taking a nap, shower or freshen up for their travel instead of vigorously waiting at airports, railway stations or bus stands to kill time.


Micro stay makes absolute business sense for hotels given the opportunity it provides to the hotels to optimise their inventory and increase their revenue.


With an average occupancy rate standing as around 60%, a lot of rooms goes unsold. Through micro-stay, we are creating a new demand; travellers who might not have booked a hotel room otherwise will now book as they only have to pay for the hours.


Corporate tie-ups to manage the overall employee accommodation needs of company by pack of hours will be a key channel to reach this segment.

The Indian Hospitality Sector is witnessing one of its rare sustained growth trends. Hotel industry is inextricable linked to the tourism industry and the growth.


Hotel industry employment trends are changing, more and more students are opting for hotel management courses as the career prospects.


Top Courses In Hotel Management 


Bachelor in Hotel & Tourism Management
Master of Arts in International Business in Hotel & Tourism Management - César Ritz Colleges


Undergraduate Programmes
Certificate in International Hotel and Tourism Operations.
Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management.
Higher Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management.

Bachelor, BA Degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management and Events Management.

Postgraduate Programmes
Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management.
Postgraduate Diploma in International Hotel Events Management.
Master of Arts (MA) in Hotel Business Management.

Specialisation Programmes
Diploma Manager in Training for Trainers in Hotel Management. - HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland


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