How to Start A Successful Bakery Business?

December 9, 2017

Do you run a bakery business? Or plan to start one? These 7 important tips will make sure you take the cake and have it too!

So, you have been told that your cakes and cookies are legendary huh? Oh, wait, you’ve also been told that you should be a professional baker. And for once, you have put a stopper to your apprehensions and started that dream bakery of yours. But how will you make sure that turning your passion for pies and sincerity for soufflés is being recognized by your potential customers?


Believe us, to run a bakery business requires more than just a good flaky crust. There is commitment involved, constant one, and also planning and clever marketing of your products.

Take a look at our carefully collated list of 7 foolproof ways to make your bakery business stand out to get the best of your endeavor. Oh, and of course, a good flaky crust will help a lot too!


1. Create a niche and win in the section

Choose something- one thing- and be very good at it. So much so, that your products encounters no competition. Whether it’s those cream-puffs you cater with or your grandmother’s special black forest cake, or a key lime pie: you must decide what you want to be known for.


2. Keep Room For Customization

A lot of bakeries lose out on business because of fixed menu. If you want to win, keep a tiny room for customization. After all, we all like to feel special and when you go that extra length to make your customers happy, karma gives you business love right back. Black forest with no cherries? So be it!


3. Solve a problem with good communication

When a customer walks inside a pastry shop– and we are telling this from our experience- he/she has no idea of what he/she is to buy. Studies suggest that most customers walk in a patisserie shop to like something and buy more than buying what they like. Name your desserts well, write its main flavors on the placard and help them while they try to like your products


4. Make an offer they cannot deny

Can your bakery business be known for special breads that is available only on Sundays? Can it be known in town, as that one place where you get 6 muffins free on 20? Or a 100% refund if the product is not satisfactory? Then propose! Make a window art, use social channels to commemorate the same and up-sell (at the counter). Make an offer they would come back for.


5. Have an over the top customer service

Everyone knows the success story of over the top customer service! If your bakery business has to excel, you must create an over the top customer response system to generate word of mouth advertising- which is considered to be the most lucrative form of advertising even today. How to kick start? Deliver more than you have promised. A little key chain with first delivery, a gift or even a call and a muffin on your customer’s birthday will do the trick.


6. Have a fun and witty online voice

Need we tell this to you that in this jet age, being present in the online-o-sphere is more important that really existing on earth? And if you do little, wisely on social sharing platforms you’ll be surprised at the fan following you will garner. To do this, the first thing is to have a voice. Do you want your business to be known as fun and humorous, appealing to the young crowd? Do you want your business to be known as classy and elegant? Make your social channels a reflection of what your bakery business is all about. And most importantly, keep it updated with information, contests and engagements.


7. Communicate the difference

Do you know what makes your bakery business or patisserie stand out from the rest? Is it the fresh butter from your farm that makes your cakes so moist? Free range eggs? Everything made fresh, everyday? Do you bake organic or run a sustainable outlet? Communicate it to your potential customers to turn them into loyals.


But then again, nothing is worth if your crust ain’t flaky! Quality rules the roost and it is only quality that acts as the foundation for a good bakery business. All of the above is built around it! So keep it delicious to begin with.


Your exciting baking and pastry career is well within reach! It's time to turn your passion and creativity into your dream career at HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute & Culinary Arts Academy at Switzerland. 


Course Detail:


Advanced or Postgraduate Diploma in European Baking and Pastry Arts
Advanced or Postgraduate Diploma in Culinary Arts (Tailor-Made) at  HTMi Hotel and Tourism Management Institute


Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts

Master of International Business in Culinary Management

Specialisation in Swiss Pastry & Chocolate Arts at Culinary Arts Academy




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