HOSPITALITY: H-2B visa limits causing hospitality industry

May 11, 2017


The U.S. hospitality industry is facing critical staffing shortages since the government tightened up its H-2B visa program, reports Restaurants, inns and landscapers say business will be down this season because they’re unable to hire the number of workers they need.


H-2B visas usually are capped at 66,000 a year. Lawmakers introduced a bill raising the cap to 130,000. But Skift says that the bill’s passage would likely be too late for this season. Also, the bill eliminates the measure that used to allow overseas workers to return to the U.S. year after year without being counted in the cap.


Hospitality business owners say they rely on H-2B visas because they can’t find enough U.S. workers to fill seasonal jobs.


Attempts to keep jobs in America for U.S citizens reveal the core struggles many businesses face with immigration reform. As one business owner said, she would hire local workers first if there were enough willing to do the work.


While lawmakers and opponents of visa restrictions debate the issue, staffing shortages persist, harming the hospitality industry this season and inconveniencing vacationers, whose dollars drive the economy. 


As is usual in these immigration employment cases, solutions are as deeply complex as the problem for Hospitality companies.


Hospitality in Switzerland


Hospitality is a booming business, with people now traveling more than they ever have before. And yet, in spite of this, employers seem to be having trouble finding employees with the qualifications needed to work in this booming industry.


Getting a degree in hospitality may sound a bit strange, but think about it this way: taking holidays is something everyone enjoys. Even though the hospitality industry is perpetually flourishing, there’s a shortage of qualified hotel managers, chefs, and other staff. 
People are always going to need hotels and restaurants, so jobs in this field are forever in-demand. In fact, jobs in this industry are expected to triple by 2020!

Switzerland, a country well-known for its high-quality hotel and tourism industry, is an excellent destination for those interested in studying hospitality.... read more


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